Our Vision And Mission


Ramanata Crisna Pai Raikar School Of Agriculture




To have basic awareness, appreciation and appropriate understanding of agriculture through participation in school agricultural education program that meets States agricultural parameters and challenge learners to achieve their greatest potential.
A premier technical-vocational institution committed to catalyse change through development of highly skilled manpower with positive work values and entrepreneurial orientation towards Agriculture.
To promote and develop agricultural skills for increasing agricultural area of operation and thereby increase the productivity and the quality through progressive farming and to promote self-employment in this sector.


To impart technical and scientific agro education with hands-on training and create passion for agriculture.
To inculcate love for agriculture and to promote use of vacant land for the purpose of cultivation and increase the yield thereby making this State self-sufficient in fruits, flowers and vegetables growth to fulfil the need of the state.
To promote a society of agriculturalists, educators, and interested parties dedicated to fostering respect and appreciation of one industry - AGRICULTURE.
It is our mission to bring together and educate urban, rural and agricultural communities. increase the level of agriculture literacy and awareness in our community and our country. No one else will do it for us.