Horticulture and Floriculture


XI: Sem I

  • Introduction to gardening and landscaping
  • Garden soils, tools and implements
  • Garden planning, layout and maintenance
  • Study of garden plants
  • Plant Propagation
  • Establishment of plant nursery
  • Nursery maintenance


    XI: Sem II

  • Introduction to pomology
  • Planning and layout of fruit garden
  • Commercial cultivation of cashew and mango
  • Commercial cultivation of coconut
  • Commercial cultivation of banana, pineapple and areca nut
  • Commercial cultivation of minor fruits
  • Commercial cultivation of spices


    XII: Sem I

  • Introduction to Olericulture
  • Planning and layout of vegetable cultivation
  • Nursery raising and direct sowing in vegetables
  • Commercial cultivation of kharif vegetables
  • Commercial cultivation of winter vegetables
  • Commercial cultivation of Summer vegetables
  • Cultivation of tree and other vegetables


    XII: Sem II

  • Introduction to floriculture
  • Cultivation of indigenous flowers
  • Cultivation of high value flowers
  • Protected cultivation structures
  • Protected cultivation of flowers
  • Protected cultivation of vegetables
  • Floral arrangement

    General Course

    The subjects of Vocational stream are prescribed by the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary School Examination and it comprises of theory and practical. For Horticulture and Floriculture two compulsory subjects will be covered during the semesters

    1.English language (Voc)
    2.General Foundation Course

    In the above referred subjects, students will have to answer a theory paper of 70 marks and year round work comprising of practical, assignments, project and viva voce of 30 marks

    Vocational core subjects :

    All subjects are compulsory students will have to answer a theory paper of 50 marks in each subject and year round work comprising of practical, assignments, project and viva voce of 100 marks.

    On the job training (OJT) and field visit

    Students of Vocational studies need to undergo six weeks compulsory training in the field or establishment carrying similar activity in the same field of his studies. To complete OJT students can select the establishment of his choice or they can avail the assistance from the school - industry linkage facilities. The OJT can be completed during Diwali or summer vacation.

    The students on completion of OJT needs to collect the certificate from the respective training establishment and it should be produced to the school office while enrolling for Std XII