Ramanata Crisna Pai Raikar School Of Agriculture


Objectives of the Organisation:

Pay special attention to the needs and aspirations of the socially and economically marginalized, weaker segments of society with due focus on women and children.
Evolve programmes for education at primary levels and non-formal education for school dropouts, out of school children, working children, and adults.
Provide Vocational Training to increase employment opportunities for the youth and promote Income Generating Programmes (IGP).
Create Environmental Awareness and undertake environment improvement activities like agro-forestry, agro-horticulture, soil and water conservation, sustainable agriculture development, tank desiltation, watershed management, etc.
Build linkages between people’s institutions, Government and other NGOs.

Objective Of The Society

1.To impart education in the field of agriculture and alied science.
2.To promote progressive means of Agriculture.
3.To Educate the farmers in the field of agriculture and allied science.